My name is Anette, and I'm the owner of kennel Duzett. We are living in Asker, about 20 minutes from Oslo.

I have always had a huge interest in animals, and in 2000 my family got a Bichon frisè named Bonzo.

In February 2009 I got my first Coton de tulear girl named Daisy, and fell immediate for the breed. The Coton de tulear has really captured my heart, and I'm committed with dogshows and the Club for Bolognese and Coton de tulear in Norway (Bolcot).

I have done NKK breeder course part II in 2011 and NKK breeding course for clubs in 2017. I'm also a part of our breed club breeding committee with Inger Ronander. 

I got my kennelname Duzett approved from FCI autumn 2010.